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Teenagers often lack variety in the foods they eat. This particularly includes the lack of vegetables and fruits in their diet. Accompany that with the increase in processed foods from take-outs and canteens at College for example, plus poor soil that the vegetables grow in and you can often find that as a teen, you may be low on a few essential nutrients.

The best advice would be best to start consuming more vegetables and eating a larger variety of natural, wholesome foods but for many, that is not possible.  A useful option is to purchase a good multivitamin and mineral supplement. As a teenager, ensuring you consume an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals will allow the body to function optimally which includes healthy muscle growth.

Antioxidants are a natural weapon against free radicals and the damage they cause to your immune system and body’s cells.  They are found in many natural food sources, as well as easy to find supplements.

Examples include:  garlic fresh or found in an odourless supplement form; vitamin C from oranges; Vitamin E from nuts and seeds etc. The optimal time to take them would be straight after a workout session to limit free radical damage.


1. Protein bars which can be high in sugar.

2. Fat burners which interfere with the body’s normal metabolic rate.

3. Hormonal supplements such as testosterone.

Remember that whole food is the best way to get all your dietary requirements. For professional help and advice, please speak to your healthcare practitioner.

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