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Your DNA is unique to you and so should your diet.

Have you ever wondered why some people eat a healthy diet and still have high cholesterol, or how a smoker can live for years without suffering from a smoke related disease?

A large part of this is because of our unique DNA. Our bodies respond differently in various environments, either positively or negatively to promote or prevent disease. We also have varying genetic disease predispositions which are passed down from our parents. Some of these include: type 2 diabetes; cardiovascular disease and obesity.

It is therefore important to learn about our unique DNA profile, as this will assist us in making informed decisions regarding diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Our profile can reveal (amongst other factors) whether we respond best to Mediterranean, low fat or low carbohydrates diets… low, moderate to high impact exercise and supplementation.

That is why DNA-based diet plans are being realised as an excellent, updated and valuable option for clients looking to lose weight; improve health and live life to the fullest!

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