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Did you know you have we have three Glute Muscles? If you thought we only have one bum muscle, don’t worry you are one of many.

Our Gluteus Medius muscle is one of the three muscles that makes up what we collectively call the “booty”.

This smaller muscle plays a crucial role in hip stabilisation which is important in serving as a ‘base’ for your bigger ‘movement’ muscles. If these muscles are weak it can cause a range of problems such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Iliotibial stress syndrome
  • Knee Pain 

Just like building a house requires a solid and strong foundation so does your hip joint, and your Gluteus Medius muscle forms part of this foundation. 

Here are 4 exercises that can help strengthen your gluteus medius:

1) Clams – Keeping your heels together, contract the glutes and lift the knee towards the ceiling. Keep the feet together, hips facing forward and avoid hip rotation.

2) Side-lying Hip abduction – Make sure to keep your shoulder, hip and knee aligned and heel pointing towards the ceiling.

3) Monster Walks – Remaining as low as possible and knees behind toes move from side to side. 

4) Single Leg Balance – Grab a BOSU ball and time one minute of balance on each leg. Do this in front of a mirror to ensure your hips remain straight and don’t ‘drop’. Keep your CORE strong and remember to breathe

These exercises can even form part of a warm-up routine and are the basics. They can be progressed in many ways.

Enjoy the booty burn!

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