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What to eat before and after a workout?
Did you know that your body requires different types of fuel for different types of movement? Read on to discover why timing is everything when it comes to fuelling your workout and what you should eat before and after each type of workout.

Timing is everything
Before a workout, you want to fuel your body with healthy, nutritious foods that are no longer hanging out in your stomach when it’s time to workout. As far as post-workout snacks go, the 60 minutes after you finish a workout is the perfect time to refuel with a combination of protein and carbs.

If you’re running:

Before: After:
· Avocado toast · Cottage cheese with fruit
· Whole grain bagel topped with banana and peanut butter · Chocolate milk
· Healthy granola bar or energy bar  

If you’re strength training:

Before: After:
· Banana · Whole grain tortilla with turkey, hummus and grains
· Greek yogurt · A protein smoothie
  · A few hardboiled eggs

If you’re doing Yoga:

Before: After:
· Green smoothie / juice · Leafy greens with chicken or tuna
· Coconut water · Omelette with fresh fruit
· ½ cup edamame  

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